Photo Credit: Buzz Foto Maria Schriver looks so vibrant and “healthy” back then.  After 25 years with Ahhhnold, she looks worn and dangerously thin. Janet Charleton’s Hollywood The announced separation of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver after 25 years of marriage came as a shock to everyone. They seemed like such an enduring couple. The fact… More THE SCHWARZENEGGERS IN HAPPIER DAYS

Santorum: McCain Doesn’t Understand Interrogation

I was watching The Rachel Maddow Show and saw her segment on former GOP Senator Rick Santorum’s accusation against John McCain.  It seems that Rick Santorum believes he knows more about enhanced interrogation than John McCain, a former captive of the North Vietnamese was in fact, subjected to enhanced interrogation.  (You gotta love the absolute ignorance… More Santorum: McCain Doesn’t Understand Interrogation

House Republicans Face Backlash At Home Over Medicare Vote

What planet are these  “Tea Baggers” from? Huffington Post House Republicans returning to their districts on Monday faced harsh criticism for voting to turn Medicare, the federal health care program for retirees, into a voucher system. GOP lawmakers faced this same constituent iremere weeks ago when they first voted to support House Budget Committee Chair… More House Republicans Face Backlash At Home Over Medicare Vote