Did John McCain Just Threaten To Beat Up Glenn Beck?

This past Thursday, Glenn Beck made a complete and utter fool of himself by mocking Meghan McCain’s PSA ad for skin cancer by pretending to vomit each time his ” radio sidekick” mentioned Ms. McCain’s name. Ms. McCain, the only adult in the situation, wrote Beck an stinging, yet polite  open letter which had to make him feel […]

Fischer: Centuries of Inbreeding The Reason Muslims Are Stupid

Another “pot, meet kettle” moment from the reich  right-wing.  This particular cretin, Bryan Fischer actually demonstrates what real inbreeding produces… Right Wing Watch Last year, Bryan Fischer   wrote a post asserting that that Muslims are dangerous, violent, and stupid because of centuries of inbreeding … and that is the position he continues to espouse, as he did yesterday on […]

Why the GOP Can’t Get Rid of Its Clowns…

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is spot on with the article below… Thy Black Man –  Earl Ofari Hutchinson  GOP strategists and analysts sounded desperate, even panicked, when they implored Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels to toss his hat in the presidential rink. Their panic to get Daniels in the race has less to do with any special magic that […]

Look Up! A Rare Planetary Alignment, Visible from Earth

No, this is not the beginning of the Mayan Doomsday Phrophecy.  Apparently, that is just conjecture according to NASA scientists. Time Magazine Good thing President Obama released his long-form birth certificate. Now we can all go back to worrying about an even greater threat than the possibility that the President is a Kenyan double agent: the much […]

Jon Stewart Bashes Fox News’ ‘Fits Of Hissy’ And ‘Square’ Newt Gingrich

Mediaite On Thursday night’s Daily Show, host Jon Stewart took all-too-brief aim at Fox News’ Common-fueled hysteria, before moving on to ex-Fox newser Newt Gingrich’s Twitter-licious announcement of his 2012 run for president. While the segment showed early brilliance, the gags about Gingrich’s lack of hipness, and illustrative square-shaped head, were no match for the laugh-out-loud […]