Feud Alert! Sarah Palin, Fox News, Rapper Common And White House Ready To Brawl?

This is absurd.  The Right will do everything they can to criticize the Obamas…


In the great tradition of rap feuds, this one definitely is not as violent as some past conflicts, but it sure is escalating just as quickly. First Lady Michelle Obama raised some conservative eyebrows by inviting the rapper Commonto a poetry event at the White House. And that was enough to trigger a wave of outrage.

First it was the conservative website Daily Caller that recognized Common was a controversial guest to invite, “in part because his poetry includes threats to shoot police and at least one passage calling for the ‘burn[ing]‘ of then-President George W. Bush.” Then the Fox News website Fox Nation reacted with a headline labeling Common to be a “vile rapper.” And Sarah Palin weighed in too, tweeting in reaction to the Daily Caller’s story “Oh lovely, White House…”

Yet CNN commentator Roland Martin notes “not even casual hip hop fans would characterize Common as a controversial rapper.” Additionally, Common has frequently appeared on Def Poetry Jam and has acted in many mainstream films including American Gangster, Wanted and Date Night.

So far the First Lady has remained silent, but Common took to Twitter to respond to all of his new “fans.” Common responded “So apparently Sarah Palin and Fox News doesn’t like me.” He also laughed at the description of himself as “vile.” With Donald Trump’s popularity fading, might Palin now desire picking up Trump’s strange habit of feuding with celebrities?


  1. These are the people who tried to make an issue of the fact that Pres. Obama wanted dijon mustard rather than ketchup on his burger. Lacking ideas, they’re just going to lash out at everything.

    Besides, everyone knows that rap isn’t real poetry. Real poetry is written by white guys.


  2. Sara Palin wipes crap like “common” off her shoes when she goes into her home in Alaska. Common is a rich black kid who is pretending to have street cred when in reality he is more white than I am.


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