Hosni Mubarak’s Human-Rights Horrors

The Daily Beast Torture, imprisonment, repression of dissent, murder, disappearances—as the Egyptian regime teeters, dissidents and bloggers look back on three decades of abuses. Pundits and politicians shout “Better the devil you know!” as Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak’s regime nears collapse.  Mubarak is hailed for not waging war on Israel, allowing some space for civil society,… More Hosni Mubarak’s Human-Rights Horrors

Palin Trademark Refused Because She Forgot To Sign Application

Okay, when one has their mind set on “branding” their name for future profits, shouldn’t one have the know-how to sign the damned forms? Alan Colmes’ Liberaland The attempt by Sarah and Bristol Palin to have their names trademarked was refused because they forgot to sign the applications. Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol failed in a… More Palin Trademark Refused Because She Forgot To Sign Application

Late Night Music Selection – Maroon 5 – “Sunday Morning”

I love that movie with Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves called Something’s Gotta Give.   Mainly because it’s very funny and quite entertaining.  Secondly I’m a huge fan of Keanu Reeves.  Finally, because it introduced me to Maroon 5‘s music.  Here’s their song from Something’s Gotta Give, “Sunday Morning”.

Monday Morning Blog Round up

   Despite talk of concessions, Egyptian military cracking down AOL Agrees To Acquire The Huffington Post    Green Bay Packers’ Charles Woodson Breaks Collarbone In Super Bowl: St.. Bush Cancels Swiss Trip Due To Fear Of Torture Prosecution, Mass Prote.. The Rapeublican Party John Thune cheerfully creates an alternate reality Al Jazeera English website traffic up… More Monday Morning Blog Round up