Rep. Wasserman Schultz: Bill Redefining Rape To Prevent Abortions Is ‘A Violent Act Against Women’

It  appears the Honorable Congresswoman from Florida, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, sees the problem with “redefining rape” solely to prevent abortions, with clarity.  She  produces a cogent rebuttal to such an act against women… Think Progress House Republicans wasted no time in declaring their legislative priorities for the 112th Congress. The first: repeal health care for millions of Americans. […]

The March Begins

 The power of a leaderless movement.  This is historic in every way… The Daily Dish EA:  1320 GMT: Al Jazeera is now putting out estimates of more than 2 million in Tahrir Square in Cairo. The military is putting up barbed wire around the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis. From The Guardian’s live-blog: 1.08pm: Protesters are now […]

Will The Supreme Court Uphold Health Care?

The Plum Line As you’ve heard, a Florida judge has ruled that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, meaning that two GOP-appointed judges have reached that conclusion, versus two Dem-appointed judges who have concluded the opposite. Only in this case, the judge, Roger Vinson, ruled that the individual mandate is not severable from the rest of the […]