Politico’s:The Week In One Liners


The week’s top 10 quotes in politics:

“I am not going to shut up.” – Sarah Palin, responding to criticism she faced over her rhetoric in the wake of the Tucson shootings. 

“I’m so pyscho-busy, my days don’t finish until really late.” – Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker, explaining why he’s single. 

“Finally a piece of good news this week.” – Director Michael Moore, tweeting his reaction to Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman’s announcement that he won’t seek re-election. 

“Finally I met somebody that makes me look laid back.” – Former President Bill Clinton, describing Chicago mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel. 

“Slow down.” – Newt Gingrich, offering some advice to Sarah Palin. 

“Reince Priebus is also the name of a car often seen driven by Jay Leno.” – David Letterman, spoofing the new RNC chair’s unusual name. 

“She should stop talking now.” - Former Bush speechwriter David Frum, on Palin. 

“I promise you, that when Regis leaves television, I’ll leave the Senate.” – Lieberman, joking about how he arrived at his decision to retire. 

“I know how Caesar felt.” – Former RNC Chair Michael Steele, explaining what it felt like to be replaced by Priebus, a one-time aide. 

“If you take a shot whenever Republicans say something that’s not true, please assign a designated driver.” – Rep. Anthony Weiner, attempting to create a drinking game about politics.

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