Chris Matthews Calls Birthers ‘Crackers’ (VIDEO)

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My problem with this “news” is that it’s one-sided.  The names that President Obama has been called on the radio, TV, blogs and blog comment sections make the word cracker pale in comparison. (Uh, no pun intended, I swear!)

Huffington Post

Chris Matthews called “birthers” “crackers” on his Friday show.

Matthews used the term while speaking to Politico’s Jeanne Cummings and the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein. He was discussing the attacks on President Obama.

“So much of this attack on Obama has been ad hominem — directed at the person, the president,” Matthews said. “Whether it’s somebody, some cracker out there on the right calling him — some birther type that he’s not an American or it is someone a little more sophisticated, but basically saying he’s a socialist.”


  1. Well since the President Obama has been in office there has been no name that he hasn’t been called. If you can say anything about the president, especially the disrepectful things, why not allow it be open to everyone else. Like the poster above (mild language)


  2. Chris Matthews can call ‘birthers’ anything he wants and it’s just fine with me. And, yeah, it’s as mild as they come compared to what people have called the current President – of the United States of America (which they seem to forget).


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