Study: Cell phones tilt polls

I’ve held a long-standing opinion that pollsters don’t contact people who use cell phones when conducting political polls, thus making the result less accurate.  Now a report has come out confirming what many progressive bloggers have felt all along:  polls that had no input from cell phone users tend to favor Republicans… Politico This month’s […]

North Korea Attacks South Korea’s Populated Yeonpyeong Island

What part of “Ignore North Korea at our own peril” does the previous and current administration not understand? The Bush administration ignored North Korea because they claimed it was one of the “axis of evil” countries and did not want or need to negotiate anything with them. The Obama administration has basically ignored North Korea […]

88 Years In One Minute

This is amazing to watch… TPM Editor’s Blog David B. Sparks, a political science Ph.D candidate at Duke, put together the following animation showing the red-blue divide as it has evolved in presidential elections from 1920-2008: It’s perfect example of how visual representations of data can be so powerful. As Sparks noted in his blog […]