Who You Gonna Believe? – Paul Krugman

I’m a bit late in blogging about this, but it’s important enough to post anyway: The New York Times – Paul Krugman I went through my mail today, and got the usual batch of letters declaring that I’m wrong about everything, and that we should do the opposite of anything I say. Hey, it’s a […]

Eddie Long’s crimes against the Gospel

Atlanta Journal Constitution – Cynthia Tucker I’ve never been a fan of “Bishop” Eddie Long, who, among other self-aggrandizing moves, has flouted Baptist practice by naming himself a bishop. I have detested his gay-bashing and loathed his narcissistic lifestyle. I’ve doubted the theology of his “prosperity” ministry. Nothing more aptly describes the way that New Birth […]

New Polls Give Dems Something To Smile About

Huffington Post It may just be the bouncing ball of randomness at work but new polls in California, Nevada, Ohio and Kentucky released over the weekend gave Democrats something to smile about, or perhaps just a little less to wince at. Specifically, a new California poll confirms a slight rebound by Senator Barbara Boxer, while […]

Boehner: The ‘Pledge’ Is Just To ‘Lay Out The Size Of The Problem,’ Americans Aren’t Ready For Solutions

“…Americans aren’t ready for solutions…”???  WTF is Boehner on?  America is anxiously waiting for solutions for the economic crisis, especially jobs, housing, and taxes for the middle class.   Mr. Boehner, may I ask, “What color is the sky on YOUR planet? Think Progress Since its release last week, House Republicans have been touting their “Pledge To […]

Monday Morning Blog Roundup

Tony Perkins claims to be a heterosexual Tony Perkins, the rather fey head of the religious right’s Family Research Council mo.. Marsha Blackburn Apparently Hopes We Forgot Her Rant on Social Securit.. Click here to view this media Marsha Blackburn appeared on CNN’s State of the Union .. Raese Wants To Go Back To ‘Capitalism […]

Sports: Falcons – WE DAT!

I’m keeping an eye on the Atlanta Falcons since Jason Snelling made his three touchdowns last week.  (Forgive me NY Giants, this is temporary, I assure you.) Atlanta Journal Constitution NEW ORLEANS –  The calendar screams that it’s too early for grand proclamations. Week three games in the NFL don’t decide division titles or playoff berths. […]

Politico’s: The week’s top 10 quotes in politics

Politico “The last few days felt a little like November 2009 all over again.” — Alleged White House crasher Michaele Salahi, making comparisons between press stories after the 2009 State Dinner and recent ones regarding her participation in the next season of “Real Housewives of D.C.” “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is shedding friends like a psoriasis sufferer backpacking […]