Jindal won’t endorse scandal-plagued Vitter

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Well, it appears that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has declined an endorsement to Sen. David Vitter because of his past dalliances with hookers and other shady activities.   Score one for Jindal.  Vitter only won that primary because a significant amount of Louisianans never read or heard about Vitter’s scandals.

Think Progress

While the latest polls indicate Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) has a commanding lead on his Democratic opponent Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-LA), the top Republican in the state — Gov. Bobby Jindal — still refuses to give the scandal-plauged incumbent Senator his endorsement:

“Voters can make up their own minds,” Jindal said.

The Republican governor said he does not get involved in federal races.

However, Jindal was a special guest at a 2008 fundraiser for Baton Rouge Rep. Bill Cassidy’s campaign.

The governor also endorsed Woody Jenkins in his failed bid for Congress.

Last week, the Louisiana Democratic Party produced a five-and-a-half minute video documenting Vitter’s prostitution scandals. (HT: Political Wire)