Palin Too Chicken To Rebut Vanity Fair In The Mainstream Media?

In my opinion, Sarah Palin will never go to the mainstream media to rebut anything.   She has set a plan in motion that other tea partiers seem to be following(my interpretation): Stay away from the “lame stream media” at all costs.  Only go on “tea party” friendly news programs Lie to your heart’s content, our followers don’t […]

Brewer: No more debates – period

“Move along folks, nothing to see here.”   This is just another example of Tea Party candidates dumbing down the electoral process in our country.  The unnerving surprise though, is just how many folks in this country identify with those candidates. Keith Olbermann spoke of this very thing on Countdown last night. The ‘dumbing down of America’, […]

The Unlisted Phone Number Scam

After reading this article, I had to share it.  This is how corporations get us, by “nickle and diming” us into obscurity… Mother Jones  David Lazarus complains about one of his favorite bugaboos today, and since it’s one of mine too I’ll quote him:  This month, Time Warner Cable more than doubled its fee for an […]

Unemployment Falls for Third Month in a Row

The Daily Beast – The Economy The private sector added a net total of 67,000 in the month of August, according to Labor Dept. figures out Friday morning. The number is less than the 107,000 companies added in the previous month but made August the third month in a row that jobs were added, immediately […]

America’s 9 Worst Demagogues

The Daily Beast The fervor of Glenn Beck is nothing new. Wingnuts author John Avlon tracks the history of righteous, paranoid populist appeals, from Huey Long to Joe McCarthy. Demagogues always do well in economic downturns. A look through American history shows that divisive populist appeals during times of economic anxiety have a long history. […]

Glenn Beck’s George Washington Whopper (Video)

This is no surprise.  Beck, Palin, et al have been telling whoppers since they came on the political scene.  What the heck, it’s par for the course for Republicans to lie consistently.  Incidentally, the portrait of Beck morphed into George Washington is by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Mario Piperni.   Mother Jones  The Fox host […]

Joe Republican

There are times when you run across something so astonishingly accurate that you must share it.  This piece was written almost ten years ago, yet the relevancy to today’s political and cultural climate is astounding.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded of these things. August 29th, 2004 9:38 pm Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class […]

Gainesville Clergy Speak Out for Love in the Face of Hate

Firedoglake – By Jim White Clergy of many faiths came together in Gainesville, Florida today to speak out about the planned burning of the Quran. A press conference was held on the steps of City Hall at noon. Rev. Larry Reimer of United Church of Gainesville opened the press conference and then representatives of various faith […]