HuffPo Editorial: Timeline of Sherrod Debacle Reveals Disturbing Coordination Between Fox News and Bloggers

Huffington Post Editorial – Alvin McEwen The Shirley Sherrod debacle was bound to happen sooner or later. With the 24-hour media constantly buzzing and  “senior analysts” of think tanks constantly tossing out inaccurate talking points to fit their positions rather than educating the public, someone was bound to get stung. The only thing that kept this situation […]

Apocalypse Not: Are the Dems Really Facing Doom?

I tend to share Mr. Klein’s sentiment.  The reports of the demise of the Democratic majority has been greatly exaggerated! Time Magazine – Joe Klein In the midst of the mid-July doldrums, Barack Obama suddenly was beset by a zeitgeist tornado blowing in — hard — from the media and the opposition. A Washington Post headline […]

Angle holds three-minute press conference, then runs from questions.

This is the woman who wants to take Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s seat.   Are all “tea partiers” like this?  Uh, never mind.  That was a rhetorical question. Think Progress -7-22-10 Yesterday, after “dodging the press” for more than a month, Sharron Angle, the GOP Senate candidate running against Sen. Harry Reid (D) in Nevada, […]

Death threat claims 10 people will kill Grayson

Congressman Alan Grayson says someone sent his office a death threat and now he’s trying to turn that into campaign cash. For Grayson it’s been a week of fighting words: First, a conservative media critic tweeted that he’d give $100 to anyone who would punch the central Florida Democrat in the face. Grayson went on […]