Obama Approval Tips Positive For First Time This Year

In spite of grave criticism over the fact that our POTUS is NOT “Superman” and cannot single-handedly stop the horrendous Gulf Coast oil spill, President Obama’s overall approval rating, not his handling of the Oil Spill, has tipped over to the “positive” side for the first time this year.


Ladies and Gentlemen…the waning influence of Fox News.

American voters approve 48 – 43 percent of the job President Barack Obama is doing, up from a negative 44 – 46 percent April 21, the first time since December that more voters give him a thumbs up rather than thumbs down, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released May 26, 2010.

American voters also say 42 – 36 percent that they would vote for a Democrat rather than a Republican in this year’s Congressional elections, reversing a 44 – 39 percent Republican lead March 24.