Saturday Update: 5-22-2010

   BP is sticking with its dispersant choice The Most Interesting Man In The World On Immigration! Racism, homophobia and the history of the Rand/Ron Paul family Google Stops Deleting Street View WiFi Data Rove Ludicrously Claims Bush White House Never Questioned Opponents’ Progressive for Kagan  Bill Kristol: Rand Paul Sophisticated, Complicated, Attractive, Plains.. Arizona… More Saturday Update: 5-22-2010

Rand Paul Cancels His Meet The Press Interview

I suppose one could say that after a harrowing week, Rand Paul is pulling a “palin”. Think Progress Kentucky Republican Senate nominee Rand Paul has been lampooned in recent days for his radical anti-government views. First, he expressed opposition to parts of the Civil Rights Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act. Today, he attacked… More Rand Paul Cancels His Meet The Press Interview