Gov. Brewer: ‘Arizona has been under terrorist attacks’ with ‘all of this illegal immigration.’


Think Progress:

Today during a Fox News interview about Arizona’s new controversial immigration law, Gov. Jan Brewer (R) commiserated with host Megyn Kelly about all the criticism she’s been receiving from people outside of Arizona. When Kelly asked if the critics have a real “appreciation” for Arizona’s immigration problem, Brewer said “obviously not,” likening it to the state being “under terrorist attacks”:

KELLY: Do you think that these folks who are all noticeably outside of your state, are the ones that I just ticked off, including the President, have an appreciation, governor, for what Arizona has been going through with respect to illegal immigration?

BREWER: Obviously not. You know Arizona has been under terrorist attacks, if you will, with all of this illegal immigration that has been taking place on our very porous border. […] The whole issue comes back, that we do not and will not tolerate illegal immigration bringing with it very much so the implications of crime and terrorism into our state.

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  1. Most people in America aren’t against immigration; they’re just against illegal immigration. For example, like most of our ancestors, my mother’s parents were immigrants. They came through Ellis Island and followed the various legal steps required in order to establish themselves as true citizens of this country. The immigrants crossing the Mexican border, however, have absolutely no interest in following these legal protocols. Once they cross the border, they change their names and/or purchase social security numbers in an effort to conceal their true identities from the law. It is not uncommon for an illegal immigrant to purchase not one, but two or more social security numbers, just in case one is flagged. I have witnessed this crime with my own eyes. (One day, a supposedly legal immigrant was asked to give their social security card to a receptionist for a job application and an interview. When the receptionist happened to ask to see the card a second time, the immigrant mistakenly handed over a different social security card with the same name on it, but with a completely different set of numbers…)

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m not against Hispanics. I have many Hispanic friends, but they either have green cards to work in the United States or have become legal citizens. They decided to follow the rule of law and work within the boundaries of our legal system. Unfortunately, many immigrants do not, and it is those particular individuals that we are most concerned about.

    Now it seems that those who sympathize with illegal immigrants wish to hijack the discussion of reform by attacking the law recently imposed by the State of Arizona through protests and boycotts; a state mind you, that has been besieged with crime, drugs and an ever-increasing population of illegal immigrants. Don’t allow them this option. Speak out and take action. This is your country… fight for it.

    In closing, I consider myself to be a bleeding-heart liberal: a Democrat. My ancestor, Roger Williams – the founder of Rhode Island and founder of the First Baptist Church in America, was one too; regarding the acceptance of different nationalities, cultures and religions as the vitality and lifeblood of any country. Nevertheless, I think that he would agree with me; that immigrants wishing to become legal citizens have not only the obligation, but the civil and legal responsibility to follow the rules of law established by any country in which they wish to become authentic citizens, just as our ancestors – both yours and mine – struggled so arduously and righteously to achieve.


  2. destructionist:

    I am a descendant of people brought here against their will (Africans) and people who already lived here but were dispossessed (Native Americans) and people who may have come to America voluntarily (Europeans). Even though my ancestors were born here for hundreds of years, the laws (for which you maintain such respect and deference) did not allow the descendants of my ancestors to become full citizens until relatively recently. So I do not share quite your apparently unquestioning respect for those laws.

    Maybe these laws should recognize the “immigrants” from south of the border ARE, in fact, displaced Americans who were robbed of their birthrights many years ago and chased below the border or to reservations. (Some even fled to Canada.) Perhaps that is why the immigrants from south of the border seem to have a sense of entitlement to America. It is because they have known and loved this area of the world far longer than most American citizens.

    IMHO all this should be taken into account, and the procedures for accommodating America’s south of the border “returnees” should be streamlined to make the process easy and hospitable.


  3. LTL, well stated. I was going to answer detructionist later today, but now there’s no need.

    Apparently we are on the same wave length. Kudos for your patience with the commenter and for your extraordinary gift of expressing yourself so clearly and succinctly.


    1. Thanks, kstreet.

      Another thing I meant to say is I really think certain businesses have an interest in keeping immigration from south of the border sufficiently cumbersome that a large supply of immigrant workers will do so illegally. It gives the businesses leverage which enables them to underpay and abuse the workers and otherwise avoid the obligations they would have if their work force is legal. That works to the detriment of all American workers.

      I say the sooner the returnees have the rights and obligations of American citizens the better for us all.


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