We Don’t Quit, I don’t Quit!



Last night I recorded The President’s SOTU address along with MSNBC’s comments on my DVR.  Today, I finally saw the speech. 

The speech, as far as an overall view, was pretty good.  In fact, VERY good.   It appears The President wanted to bring a change in tone with regard to politics in Washington, D.C.  (sigh) Good luck with that Mr. President. 

The Right (GOP) feel they have a winning stratergy  with their “just say no” policies.  They are not about to backtrack now, in an election year.   However, it appeared that The President dared the GOP to join him and his party in getting America back on her feet.  It aint gonna happen, Mr. President

This is a mid-term election year and they are going to “stay the course” with their scorched earth policy of NO, regardless of the damage done by their action!  Perhaps to their detriment or perhaps to their benefit.  Whatever the outcome of this tactic by the GOP, November 2010 will reveal the folly or the wisdom of their decision.

Still, I believe most of the country understood the POTUS’ dillemma and support his efforts:


A CBS instant poll after last night’s speech found that 83 percent of speech watchers liked President Obama’s proposals and 70 percent said Obama shares their priorities for the country, up from 57 percent before the speech. Forty-eight percent of speech watchers in a CNN poll had a very positive response to the speech while 30 percent had a somewhat positive response.

The end of the speech had me standing up and cheering!  The words were extremely powerful: 

We don’t quit. I don’t quit. Let’s seize this moment, to start anew, to carry the dream forward, and to strengthen our union once more.


  1. Our President is teh awesome! Those of us on the left need to have the confidence in ourselves to accept what a great choice we made.

    Here’s something that got zero press: Last week, the President met with a group of technology leaders and CEO’s that have cutting edge technology. He invited them to the WH but asked them to do some “homework” ahead of time. He wanted a paper on how they think the federal government could use technology to improve efficiency while saving money.

    He gave a little speech about how much paper and boxes of files are still shuffled from place to place in our government. The example he used was the patent office where people send in applications electronically but the clerks have to print them out and re-enter the data because the government software is outdated and incompatible with other softwares. He said it’s a lot of the reason why there is such a backlog.

    Then they went to breakout sessions where they would kick around the most cost effective way to update the systems.

    Back to my original point: Our President is teh awesome, even when nobody is watching.


  2. Glix, I’d have to agree with you on that. Not only is he awesome, he’s also brilliant! I was losing “hope” that he’d be the President so many of us voted for. (The news pundits certainly pushed that view), but this past week has shown me that all I needed to do was maintain my faith in this guy because he’s the real deal.


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