It’s That Time Of Year

The Fifth Column wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!  We’ll be back on Sunday evening/Monday morning with a week-long look at “The Best and Worst” of 2009.


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4 responses to “It’s That Time Of Year

  1. democratista

    Merry Christmas, K and all!

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  2. LongTimeLurker

    Merry Christmas!!!

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  3. Glix

    Merry Christmas K, demo and LTL! I’m off to clean up the mess from making gingerbread people last night and make a new mess preparing scalloped potatoes to go with the ham tomorrow.

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  4. kstreet607

    LTL, Glix, Merry Christmas to all of you as well.

    Demo, Happy Hannukah to you. :)

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